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The Green Muscle Difference

WE BELIEVE in a better way to present solar to our customers. High commission sales reps offering empty promises of huge savings and misinformation are currently tarnishing the solar industry. Green Muscle instead educates our customers on solar and provides an accurate savings analysis through our Project Managers, not a Sales Team.


You will meet with a Project Manager who will provide you a customized proposal and design so you can determine if solar is the right fit. If you decide to move forward, your Project Manager will compete your Final Design and submit your plans to your local Building Jurisdiction and Utility for Final Approval. They will order your equipment, coordinate and oversee your install, becoming your main point of contact from contract signing to install. Simple and hassle-free. 


WE BELIEVE in a better way to install solar. Our installers have gone through rigorous training to provide the very best workmanship. We take our time to ensure our roof penetrations are sealed properly, using the latest technology and most effective equipment.


Installing solar also includes running conduit and wiring, tying into the main electrical panel, along with installing various electrical components; this is why Green Muscle has Master Electricians on staff supervising every install to ensure everything is up to code and done the right way, not the easy way. 

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