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Steve's career transition from being an esteemed executive chef to embracing the world of solar energy showcases his versatility and commitment to making impactful changes, not just in his life but also in the lives of others.


His culinary background, characterized by precision, creativity, and a deep understanding of nuanced processes, parallels the meticulousness and innovation he brings to the solar industry.


Moreover, his journey underscores a lifelong dedication to customer service, highlighting his belief in the importance of building meaningful connections and ensuring satisfaction.

Steve enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, and one of his favorite hobbies being, rebuilding classic cars. He enjoys the challenge of restoring an American classic automobile.


Whether guiding a client through the solar conversion process or meticulously restoring a vintage car, Steve's passion for excellence and making a difference shines through, making him a unique and valuable asset to Green Muscle Solar, the solar industry as whole, as well as the communities he serves.


Steve is deeply passionate about enlightening clients on the advantages of solar energy and how it leads to savings with their utility companies.

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