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ANKER SOLIX Energy Storage 

  • Coming in April 2024!

  • 3-36kW, 5-180kWh

  • 110% Power while off-grid

  • Uninterrupted power

  • 5.9" Super thin design

  • Warranty: 10 years

The Anker SOLIX X1 AC Coupled Storage System Backup Controller marks a pivotal advancement in home energy storage and management, catering to a wide array of household energy requirements with battery capacities extending from 5kWh to a substantial 30kWh. This range allows for an impressive aggregate throughput of up to 98.7MWh, making the SOLIX X1 a versatile choice for any energy need. It doesn't just store energy; with a rated output power of 3kW and the capability to achieve a peak apparent power output of 9KVA, the SOLIX X1 ensures your home has a reliable power supply even during peak demands.


What sets it apart is its swift switch time of under 20ms, facilitating an instantaneous transition between grid and off-grid power, thus maintaining a continuous power flow without any perceptible interruptions.

Beyond its core functionalities, the SOLIX X1 is designed with the modern homeowner in mind, featuring extensive connectivity options such as WLAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and an optional 4G connection. This suite of options enables smart, remote management of your home's energy system, bringing convenience and control directly to your fingertips.


The system's durability is evident in its design, suitable for operation across a wide temperature range and protected by a Type 3R enclosure, ensuring it stands up to any environmental challenges. Coupled with a robust 10-year warranty and adherence to stringent safety and emission standards including UL67, CP65+TSCA, and FCC part 15B:2020, the Anker SOLIX X1 is not just an energy storage system but a promise of reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind for homeowners looking towards a future powered by clean, renewable energy.

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