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Meyer Burger Black 385W

  • SmartWire Connection boosts performance

  • Sustainable, 100% renewable production

  • Power range: 375 - 395 Wp

  • Elegant Swiss design

  • Warranty: 25 years, industry-leading

Introducing the high-performance solar module that harmonizes cutting-edge technology with unparalleled design—the Heterojunction solar panel equipped with SmartWire Connection Technology (SWCT™) by Meyer Burger. Engineered in Switzerland and produced to the utmost quality standards in Germany, this solar panel redefines excellence in the solar industry.


Offering power outputs ranging from 375 to 395 Wp, it stands significantly above the market average, ensuring maximum energy yields over the same area, even under cloudy skies or high temperatures. This panel not only promises superior performance but also boasts an elegant Swiss design, making it a perfect match for any rooftop or architectural style, emphasizing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

At the heart of its durability and high energy yield is the patented SWCT™, enhancing cell stability and offering remarkable resistance to breakage. Manufactured using 100% renewable energy and devoid of lead, it represents a leap towards sustainable energy solutions, contributing to regional value creation. The commitment to sustainability is matched by the assurance of quality, with an industry-leading 25-year product and performance warranty that underscores the panel's reliability. With specifications like 120 half-cells employing mono n-Si HJT with SWCT™ bifacial cell technology, and robust construction featuring a black anodized aluminum frame and tempered solar glass, this panel is not just a solar solution but a commitment to environmentally responsible, highly profitable, and aesthetically pleasing energy generation.

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