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Tesla Powerwall 2 

  • Unlimited Cycle Warranty

  • 20.03% Peak Efficiency

  • Compatible With/Without Solar

  • Affordable Price Point

  • Large Storage Capacity

The Tesla Powerwall 2 stands out as a top contender in the solar battery market, offering homeowners a well-rounded solution for their energy storage needs. Praised by many as the best overall solar battery, the Powerwall 2 excels with its unlimited cycle warranty, efficiency, and flexibility to operate both with and without solar panel systems. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for those looking to mitigate frequent power outages, reduce energy bills, or simply maximize the use of their excess solar power.


With Tesla's reputation for innovation, especially after integrating SolarCity into its brand, the Powerwall 2 reflects the company's commitment to providing affordable, high-quality energy solutions. The Powerwall 2's competitive price point and reliable performance place it among the most accessible and desirable batteries on the market.

Tesla continues to innovate in the solar sector with the introduction of the Powerwall 3, set to launch in 2024, promising even greater power and efficiency. However, the current model, Powerwall 2, already offers substantial storage capacity and is noteworthy for its seamless integration with non-Tesla solar panels. This compatibility ensures that homeowners have the flexibility to choose their solar setup without compromising on the quality of energy storage. Overall, Tesla's Powerwall series exemplifies the company's drive towards sustainable energy solutions, providing a reliable, cost-effective option for residential energy storage that supports both on-grid and off-grid applications.


Tesla Powerwall + 

  • DC-coupled for higher efficiency

  • Integrated inverter and battery unit

  • 9.6kW max discharge during outages

  • Sleek, aesthetically pleasing design

Discover the innovative Tesla PowerWall+, a cutting-edge solution in home energy storage that seamlessly integrates a 7.6kW Tesla string inverter with a 13.5kWh Tesla PowerWall 2 battery into one unified unit. This powerful combination offers homeowners significant benefits, including reduced equipment costs, a streamlined installation process, and an increased maximum discharge rate, enhancing your home's energy efficiency and reliability.


The PowerWall+ system stands out for its DC-coupled battery backup system, allowing for more direct control of battery charge and discharge rates, thus providing increased system capacity and flexibility. Perfect for new solar installations, especially in homes with minimal shading, PowerWall+ optimizes your energy independence by ensuring your home remains powered during outages with its impressive 9.6kW max discharge limit and unmatched Load Start capability, capable of starting almost any motor with ease.

Choosing PowerWall+ means investing in lower material and labor costs, thanks to the prewired, Tesla-designed inverter and battery setup which cuts down on installation time. Not only does PowerWall+ deliver superior performance during power outages, but it also embodies Tesla's commitment to aesthetics, featuring sleek, clean packaging that complements any home's entrance. With a cost-effective addition to your solar PV system, PowerWall+ enhances your home's energy solution without sacrificing style. Ideal for interior non-living spaces or protected outdoor installations, PowerWall+ is designed to perform optimally in conditioned environments, ensuring long-lasting reliability and efficiency. Embrace the future of home energy with Tesla PowerWall+, a blend of performance, beauty, and cost savings that sets a new standard for solar batteries, making it the perfect choice for achieving your energy goals.

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Tesla Powerwall 3

  • Integrated solar & battery system

  • 13.5 kWh capacity, expandable

  • 11.5 kW continuous output

  • Up to 20 kW solar input

  • 10-year warranty

Tesla's Powerwall 3 heralds a new era in home energy storage, bringing more power and versatility to the forefront of renewable energy solutions. As the latest addition to Tesla's acclaimed Powerwall lineup, the Powerwall 3 sets itself apart with a fully integrated solar and battery energy storage system, designed for compactness and exceptional power output. Unlike its predecessor, the Powerwall 2, this all-in-one system marries a powerful solar inverter with battery storage in a single unit, streamlining the setup process and maximizing efficiency.


With the ability to support up to 20kW of solar input across six independent MPPTs, the Powerwall 3 is not only more compact but significantly more robust than the Powerwall Plus. This makes it an ideal solution for homeowners looking to maximize their solar energy utilization, ensuring that even on the cloudiest days, energy production remains optimal.

Beyond its impressive technical specifications, the Powerwall 3 is designed with the future in mind—expandable up to a stunning 54kWh with additional battery units, it offers unparalleled scalability. Priced competitively, it promises not just energy independence but also financial savings over the long term. With a 10-year warranty backing its 11.5kW continuous power output, the Powerwall 3 is a testament to Tesla's commitment to quality, innovation, and the global shift towards sustainable living. The Powerwall 3 stands poised to revolutionize how we think about and use solar energy, cementing Tesla's position as a leader in the renewable energy space.

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