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Iron Ridge AIRE Rail System

  • Lightweight, Open Rail Design

  • Up to 8 Feet Span Capability

  • UL 2703 Listed, Class A Fire Rated

  • 25-Year Warranty Assurance

  • Efficient Installation Process

The IronRidge Aire® Racking System emerges as a revolutionary solution tailored for pitched residential roofs, aiming to simplify the solar installation process significantly. This system includes an array of components such as the Aire® A1 and A2 Rails, designed for different load capacities and spanning capabilities, along with innovative features like a wire management tray for organized installations.


The Aire® Rail Ties, Dock®, Lock Mids, Lock Ends, and the stealthy Lock Stealth® ensure a secure and visually appealing setup, while the Aire® Lug and Caps enhance safety and finish. Each element of the Aire® system is crafted to offer a blend of lightweight design, ease of installation, and durability. Beyond its physical attributes, the system boasts a Class A Fire Rating, UL 2703 listing, and a robust 25-Year Warranty, underscoring IronRidge's commitment to quality and reliability in solar mounting solutions.

IronRidge's Aire® Racking System is not just about high-quality components; it's engineered for optimal installation efficiency. With features designed for quick and easy assembly, the system reduces labor time, allowing for faster project turnovers. The Aire® system's versatility makes it suitable for a variety of roofing materials, from composition shingle to slate, ensuring that every installation is secure and compliant with industry standards, including UL 2703 and NEMA VE 1 for cable management. With pre-stamped engineering letters available in most states, the Aire® system offers peace of mind and confidence in the structural integrity of solar installations. IronRidge’s dedication to streamlining the solar installation process is evident in every aspect of the Aire® Racking System, making it an indispensable tool for residential solar projects.


Iron Ridge Tilt Mount System

  • Maximum Power Output: 430W

  • Ultra-Low Degradation Rate

  • Innovative Non-Destructive Cutting

  • Comprehensive Environmental Resistance

  • Warranty: 25 Years, Dual Coverage

The IronRidge® XR Tilt Mount System revolutionizes the installation of solar arrays on flat roofs by combining versatility in tilting angles with robust durability to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Designed to optimize solar energy capture by supporting a wide range of panel tilting angles, this system ensures maximum efficiency in energy production, regardless of the roof's flat nature.


Not only does it excel in enhancing solar panel performance through optimal angling, but it also stands strong against the rigorous wind and snow forces that a building may encounter throughout its lifetime. Certified to UL 2703 and compatible with most roof anchor products, the Tilt Mount System is built from aluminum and stainless steel, guaranteeing total corrosion resistance and a prolonged life span for your solar investment.

Beyond its physical strengths, the IronRidge® XR Tilt Mount System is engineered for ease of installation and system integrity. It has been thoroughly strength tested and meets the latest UL 2703 standard, providing a reliable foundation for solar arrays with pre-stamped engineering letters available in most states for added assurance. IronRidge® backs this innovative solution with a 25-year warranty, affirming its commitment to quality and durability. Furthermore, the system is supported by an array of components all designed to simplify the installation process while ensuring a secure and aesthetically pleasing solar array setup.

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