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SE Pulse Smart Panel 

  • Accepts Plug-on Neutral Devices

  • Space Allocation: 44 total spaces, 36 usable spaces 

  • Submain Rating: 125 A for both top & bottom interiors

  • Back-Feed Capability: Up to 145 A of alternate energy

  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 14.3” x 51.9” x 9.7”

The Schneider Pulse Panel revolutionizes how homes manage and optimize energy, bringing together solar, battery, and EV charging in a sleek, intelligent package. As a future-ready solution, the Pulse Panel is designed to simplify the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle, allowing homeowners to effortlessly connect their renewable energy sources and smart devices.


With the capability to monitor and adjust power consumption, it not only promises reduced electricity bills but also ensures reliable power supply during grid outages. This innovative panel paves the way for a smarter, energy-efficient home without the need for complex installations or system upgrades.

Beyond its immediate benefits, the Schneider Pulse Panel is a cornerstone of the Schneider Home ecosystem. It’s a scalable and modular solution that incorporates a range of products designed to enhance home energy management. From the smart panel itself to backup controllers, inverters, batteries, and connected wiring devices, the system is controlled via the intuitive Schneider Home app. This comprehensive approach not only offers convenience and efficiency but also empowers homeowners to make informed decisions about their energy use, supporting a longer battery runtime during outages and providing actionable insights to optimize consumption. With the Schneider Pulse Panel, embracing a sustainable and automated home energy system has never been easier.

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