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Trina Solar TSM-NE09RC.05

  • Maximum Power Output: 430W

  • Ultra-Low Degradation Rate

  • Innovative Non-Destructive Cutting

  • Comprehensive Environmental Resistance

  • Warranty: 25 Years, Dual Coverage

Introducing the TSM-NE09RC.05 solar panel, a marvel of modern solar technology that promises not just to meet but exceed the expectations of both residential and commercial rooftop applications. This panel is a testament to innovation, incorporating non-destructive cutting for enhanced mechanical resistance and strength, along with an ultra-low degradation rate that ensures a longer warranty and higher output over its lifespan.


With its high-performance metrics, including a maximum power output of 430W and an impressive module efficiency of 21.5%, this panel is designed to maximize energy yields even in challenging environmental conditions. It stands as a universal solution, perfect for spaces that demand high power without the compromise of design or durability.

What sets the TSM-NE09RC.05 panel apart is not just its performance but its commitment to sustainability and reliability. Manufactured using 100% renewable energy and devoid of lead, it reflects a serious dedication to reducing environmental impact. Its excellent fire rating and resistance to weather, salt spray, sand dust, and ammonia ensure it's fully applicable in coastal areas, high-temperature regions, and other harsh environments. The panel offers up to 25 years of product and power warranty, guaranteeing reliability and peace of mind for a quarter of a century. With easy integration into existing inverter and mounting systems, and a perfect size and weight for hassle-free installation, it presents the most valuable solution for rooftops with low load capacity. Embrace the dawn of a new era in solar energy with the TSM-NE09RC.05, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled efficiency and sustainability.


Trina Solar TSM-385-DEC09C.07

  • Peak Efficiency 20.03%

  • 385W STC Power Rating

  • 120 Monocrystalline Cells

  • 6,000 Pa Snow Load

  • Warranty: 15-year Product

The Trina Solar TSM-385DE09C.07 (385W) solar panel is a testament to Trina Solar's commitment to high-efficiency solar solutions, combining advanced technology with robust design to offer a superior solar module. With an STC power rating of 385W and peak efficiency of 20.03%, this panel sets a new benchmark in solar energy generation, ensuring maximum output even in limited spaces.


Its high-power output is complemented by a positive power tolerance of 0%/+1%, guaranteeing that the panels deliver at or above their rated power. The incorporation of 120 monocrystalline silicon cells, along with innovative multi-busbar technology, not only enhances the panel's efficiency but also its reliability, improving light trapping, reducing series resistance, and ensuring better current collection. Designed with both aesthetics and performance in mind, it features ultra-thin, virtually invisible busbars and excellent cell color control, making it an attractive addition to any residential rooftop.

Beyond its impressive technical specifications, the Trina Solar TSM-385DE09C.07 panel is built for durability and longevity. It is engineered to withstand snow loads of up to 6000 Pa and wind loads of up to 4000 Pa, demonstrating high reliability under test loads. Its compatibility with mainstream inverters, optimizers, and mounting systems makes it a universal solution for a variety of installation environments, optimizing transportation costs and simplifying the installation process. Furthermore, Trina Solar offers an extended Vertex S Warranty, including a 15-year product workmanship warranty and a unique degradation guarantee, with only 2% degradation in the first year and a maximum annual degradation of 0.55% from year 2 to 25. This commitment to quality and durability makes the Trina Solar TSM-385DE09C.07 a valuable investment for those seeking a high-performance, reliable solar energy solution.

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